Amazon Tour 6-23-16 Amazon Tour 6-23-16 Preparing to Depart for Chattanooga, TN 202078049 Frank Navratil, Ted Newton, and Perry Anthony 202078050 Sharon, Cruz, Donna, Sylvia, and Charla 202078051 Jim Norgaard and Bob Helsel 202078052 Barb Mabry with her garandson Cruz 202078053 Perry Anthony and Bob Witt 202078054 Perry Anthony and Bob Witt 202078055 Denise Trulli and Bob Witt 202078056 Barbara Mabry, Donna Navratil, and Charla Norgaard 202078057 Jim Norgaard, Cruz Mabry, Barb Mabry, Donna Navratil 202078058 202078059 Group Photo 202078065 Group Picture of Tour Participants 202078067 202078068 Lunch at the Red Robin in Chattanooga Charla and Donna 202078070 Lunch at Red Robin Bill Jurkonie, Alyce Anthony, Sharon Jurkonie, and Jim Norgaard 202078071 Charlie Hensley and Kathy Fahey, Perry Anthony and Sylvia Witt 202078072 202078060 Amazon Facility , Chattanooga, TN 202078063